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Raymond Pettibon

"Faster, Jim" is a bound book with text and images in which Raymond Pettibon collaborates with Greg Colson, Francesca Gabbiani, Dani Tull, Victor Gastelum, Scott Grieger, Todd Squires, and Eddie Ruscha published by  Hamilton Press

There are 22 hand printed lithographs, and one photograph by Todd Squires. The aluminum cover is a silkscreen by Victor Gastelum and the slip case is silkscreened with an image by Pettibon and Gastelum.

All lithographs were printed by Ed Hamilton, the silkscreens were printed by Jeff Wasserman, the binding was done by Kitty Maryatt, and the publisher is Hamilton Press. The edition size is 27. A DVD entitled "The Artists of Faster, Jim" (an interview with those involved in the project) is forthcoming and will be given to each purchaser of the book. 

Raymond Pettibon and the edition were featured in an article in the L.A. Times, entitled "Book as art medium: Here's a new chapter" in which Joyce Ludmer of the Getty Research Institute was quoted as saying, "(Faster, Jim) reflects something going on in our society right now." The Getty has purchased the book. 

The theme is travel. As you turn the pages you will go from land to sea to space to air, and back down to Earth. The pages are linked consecutively. To return to a previous page, use your back button, or at any time you may choose another link from the banner at the top of the page. We hope you will travel all the way through the 29 pages to home plate, and a new beginning.

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Faster Jim may be viewed by appointment and South of Heaven is in the collection 
of the La Jolla Athenaeum,

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South of Heaven by Jim Thompson, with an introduction by Arnold Hano, and with forty-four illustrations by the artist Raymond Pettibon, November 2010.

Arion Press is known for publishing titles that are unusual among deluxe limited edition books: not just “chestnuts of literature? but masterpieces from overlooked genres. Alongside the great works such as Moby-Dick, and Don Quixote, in 2010 the press turned to “pulp fiction?, so named for stories and novels published in magazines and paperbacks, printed on cheap wood-pulp paper, meant for the entertainment of the masses. “Pulp? was a term of denigration. Jim Thompson (1906-1977) may be called “The King of the Pulps?, yet he was an original writer of the first rank. His writing is rank: odoriferous and raw and violent.

“South of Heaven is based on the laying of a pipeline from an oil source in West Texas to Port Arthur on the Gulf in 1927,? Hano writes in his introduction to the Arion edition, “so real in its depiction of the horrific working conditions, it takes its place among the finest proletarian novels of this country.

Artist Raymond Pettibon illustrates this edition with forty-four drawings, printed on red sheets interleaved in the text. Pettibon is one of the hottest contemporary American artists, whose lurid images have intrigued art collectors and curators ever since he burst onto the scene in the late eighties. He came out of the punk rock milieu in the late seventies and early eighties.Michael Kimmelman, the chief art critic for the New York Times, wrote in 2003 that Pettibon’s style has “a certain underground comic book messiness that is really graphic virtuosity in disguise?.   Nearly all of Pettibon’s artworks contain texts or captions. Some are quotations but most are his own highly creative writings. For South of Heaven he has used excerpts cunningly chosen and elided from the book, combined with his own improvisations on themes in the novel.

The book has been designed and produced by Andrew Hoyem with the staff of Arion Press and Mackenzie & Harris.
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