More than all else, is about service; service to community, to collectors and to artists.

On a personal note, the art market has been a source of joy and fulfillment for us for almost 50 years, thus we feel fortunate to now begin to repay our debt to the arts in these few small ways:

My wife, Maria Munroe, her Eturn Society, and I devote much of our time to three primary beneficiaries. We maintain offices in La Jolla. There we help support community exhibitions and institutions, advise collectors, and help attorney and estates plan deaccessions and commemoration.

We are involved with V-SCAPE (Venice & Surrounding Communities Art, Performance and Exhibitions), a private group based in Venice, CA (our former home of nearly a quarter century) which I co-founded during the Venice of America Centennial in 2005. We continue an active bi-monthly non-commercial exhibition program in one of the remarkable contemporary art communities in America.

And we maintain this website. The internet is rife with art sites. Unlike many others, is highly selective about the artists we invite to participate. Mixed among a few small pieces from our 19th and 20th century collection are numerous contemporary painters, printmakers and sculptors, both "established" and "emerging" whose work we admire. 

Though we may work with clients to commission site-specific work by some of these artists, this is a site primarily about collecting, not sales. Almost every image on the these pages illustrates a work that we own. Though we privately represent major works and collections that are discreetly available, we attempt no such representation on this website; those works are available only through personal contact. Conversely, links our visitors directly to the homepages of the artists we include here without charge or sales commission.

The pages of illustrate works of art that have given us great pleasure. We hope you will enjoy your journey through them, and that you will visit directly those artists whose works may interest you.

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