Miles Cleveland Goodwin
Monkey, 16 x 22 in
Running Deer, 30 x 40 in 
Kraaien & Duiven, 48 x 48 in 
Wounded Goose, 28 x 36 in
Twenty-First Century Art
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What is the fundamental nature of art if not to elicit feeling, to create a direct line of communication between creator and viewer? In an age of digital manipulation and mass produced imagery, Miles Goodwin remains true to his own hand, just as he does to the individual perception of his eye. Goodwin is a superb painter. How seldom today do we refer to work as "painterly"? Yet that so well defines Goodwin, an artist whose classical training underlies his every canvas. Art builds upon its own history, and Goodwin pays homage to the vision of such seemingly disparate painters as Francis Bacon and Andrew Wyeth with a hand not unrelated to the mastery of the German expressionists. Though young, Goodwin's work has attained what the French call "ecriture", the unique hallmark that sets an artist apart from all others. When history looks back, his marked individuality may well lead Goodwin himself to be recognized as a major influence; and that is a quality so very few artists are ever able ever attain.