​In Plummer's dialogues between 'nature' and 'civilization' the artist neither voices despair nor preaches any declaration of inevitability, rather, his works evoke perception, imagination, and reason.

For those who follow the path he charts, the rewards are plentiful.

Matthew Plummer

“My work is concerned with salvation, refuge, revelation, roving eyes, long pilgrim marches, violet stars, rapt lovers, the morning after the wreck, dense, clotted murky rhythms, that which is rare, raw, fluid, innovative and dynamic” 

Within my practice, I seek to create an emotional, psychological and sociological response to the stimuli in my world. My work is charged by the power of landscape wherever I find myself. I walk into the wild and work exhaustively. Painting mountain-rivers, drawing amongst dense pine trees, bleeding watercolours on windswept beaches. Encapsulating my personal experience of the landscape, touching, exploring and immersing myself amongst it; examining the details with paintings.

With sweeping gestures, textures and an interplay between light and dark, I create paintings that are juxtapositions of lush palettes and freedom. Focalizing in order to attain the state of a heightened awareness, it sometimes takes a year of preparation to execute a single and instantaneous brushstroke. Colour plays a vital role in my art with its ability to inspire, incite, and engage the viewer. Layering and blending paint, I construct and establish a dialogue of negotiations, to plot an ever-seeking play of abstraction and figuration in a perfect tension.

Navigating and trawling the dreaming and unconscious mind, exploring the leakage between these states into everyday consciousness to achieve a more potent vitality. My recent series, ‘The Blue Roads’ are waterscapes that focus on the poetry of our senses. The look, sound, smell, touch and taste; the faint reflections on the water; the coast at night and psithurism (the sound of the wind whispering in the trees): the language of nature.

I am a British contemporary fine artist working within the English traditions of romantic art through the mediums of painting, drawing poetry and photography. Matthew Plummer - MattewPlummerArt@Gmail.com

Much as Picasso was influenced by African art, Delacroix and Cezanne, and he himself became an indisputable influence upon Roy Lichtenstein and Claes Oldenburg, they, in turn, significantly impacted the work of Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami. Long before ancient Rome was inspired by Athens, fine art has built upon its own history. By understanding and incorporating the past frequently are artists able to create their own uniquely contemporary vocabularies. Just as his classical training has become a hallmark of the works of Matthew Plummer, so has he impressed his own unmistakable signature character on his painting.