Missionlines Unite Quality, Luxury and Lifestyle With OnlyDot-Com Extensions
More than 2,000 Missionlines end in ''. Over 450 begin with 'Collect'. 1,500 others incorporate related keywords, including: Art(200), Brand(250), Curate(88), Design(70), Fashion(30), Insure(30), Invest(70), Luxury(110), News(70), and Shop(65). All are dot-com. 

The Missionline Project incorporates the 1999 website (which is now with, a business model for a luxury network and, a project curated to address quality and lifestyles. and have never been launched.  

Dot-Com and Consumer Confidence 

Dot-com is universal. It is so firmly established in the tech vocabulary that it has become synonymous with the web. No other extension can rival its recall. Missionlines define the very best, and dot-com, long the most iconic global web address, is unsurpassed.
Dot-com identity is a crucial asset to trusted curarion, and trusted curation is the future of
online marketing.

Missionlines will set apart trusted advertisers by providing subscriptions to more than 3,950 curated marketing messages. Each is a  memorable dot-com web addresses that can be redirected to open any network, website, social media page, video or blog. Participation in interconnected apps and hubs that represent only outstanding products, services and experiences will reflect the ultimate endorsement of its qualified sponsors. 

Excluding country codes,  75% of all registered domains are  dot-com. It is therefore not surprising that few compelling dot-com web addresses remain unregistered. 

​Website Magazine asked the question: “Do Domain Extensions Matter ?”
They went on to cite a recent study from Interbrand that stated 94 percent of consumers correctly recalled .COM while only 7 percent correctly recalled a new domain extension.

Every Missionline is a dot-com web address.

In July 2014 Verisign reported: 

94% of Internet users feel safe using a .com website whereas only 33% feel safe on a gTLD site.

80% of small businesses prefer .com over new gTLD’s (generic Top Level Domains)

79% would rather visit a .com website than a new gTLD

Trusted Curation = unsurpassed integrity
Dot-Com = consumer confidence
Direct Response = Sales

Toward the end of 2014 a total of 282,525,140 active web addresses were registered.

These include more than 149,000,000 registered legacy domain names (.com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, etc.) of which 114,500.000+ were dot-com

There were 130,000,000+ country code domain names (.UK, .DE, .ME and hundreds more - including more than 1,000,000+ that are non-Latin characters)

There were 2,000,000+ registered gTLDs - The include hundreds of extensions (.RICH, .Diamonds . XYZ) with more to come.

1,000,000+ sponsored TLDs such as .xxx were registered