World-Wide Award of Excellence
By selectively networking only trusted advertisers, Missionlies will bestow a meaningful 'hallmark of integrity'. The W-WAE award is launch-ready to assure consumer confidence for trusted brands across all quality and luxury markets.
Missionlines networked on a W-WAE hub can open

social media pages
promotional micro-sites

Missionlines will enable the creation of a network. Every Missionline is .com.

Verisign reports: 80% of small businesses prefer .com over new gTLD’s
                         94% of Internet users feel safe using a .com website whereas only 33% feel safe on a gTLD site.
​                         79% would rather visit a .com website than a new gTLD

Websites registering on the new .trust gTLD extension will enjoy high security, but they will be expensive. Annual subscriptions cost $150,000, which gives the customer one .trust domain and two sub-domains, in addition to a $25,000 fee for implementation service the first year.
"The future is trusted curation." Mark Cuban.