To promote trust, understanding and  recall

The best advertising is the most memorable advertising. "Dot-com" is so iconic that it has become synonymous with "the Web." Every brand, product and service has a mission. Supplemental dot-com addresses that promote brands' missions while they open alternative webpages are trademarked "Missionlines   ." 

Awarding Missionline endorsement to only trustworthy advertisers from a portal, a magazine and a will enhance any brand's prominence while ensuring ongoing advertiser loyalty. 

Missionlines resonate in print, on the air and by word-of-mouth. They support brand understanding. They assure recall. They advance search engine recognition, reduce shopping cart abandonment and enable ad tracking -- yet they are immune to ad blocking . Clustering even further magnifies their benefit (for example, search Google for: Missionlines, Brand Bracketing and Curated Keywords).

Advertisers will draw from more than 4,000 Missionlines, each built on unambiguous keywords. These curated domain names can be directed, and redirected, to open almost any online ad pages, web sites, social media, videos, blogs and Internet promotions. 

Awarded an unsurpassed imprimatur of merit, Missionlines' advertisers will  be entitled to display their TrustedBest logo everywhere, from smartphone screens to television ads to billboards.

Together, and a platform will

for example:

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