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   QUALITY                                LUXURY                                SERVICES         TrustedBest.com               CollectBest.com             ConsultTheBest.com

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Why do advertisers benefit from marketing with multiple domain names? Missionlines are unforgettable alternative dot-com web addresses. Their messages intensify brand awareness. They can be directed to any web media: platforms, websites, social networks, blogs, videos, and promotions -  almost anywhere online. By bracketing brands with multiple Missionlines, consumer recall increases significantly.

Wherever they are glimpsed, read or heard, Missionlines are as unforgettable as the dot-com extension that delivers them. They can define purpose, convey brands' promises and provide direct links virtually everywhere on the Web. They are launch-ready, text-ready, Tweet-ready and app-ready.

The dot-com extension has become iconic (WhyOnly.com?). 
Examples of  advertising currently employing secondary dot-com branding range from the local - Singleton Marine in Atlanta that in 
2013 acquired BoatsForSale.com for $162,500 - to the national NFL/NBC television campaign: TogetherWeMakeFootball.com.

The Missionline project was designed to complement a platform dedicated to awarding advertisers the hallmark of trusted curation, whether they are made broadly available to participants within categoric listings, individually to promote major brands, or both. Today it would be impossible to surpass a core collection of premier dot-com marketing messages built such iconic keywords as: 'Collect', 'Curated', 'Invest' 'Luxury', 'Trust' and 'Best.com'.

Missionlines' are as appropriate for a periodical as online, as engaging from mobile screens as TV or billboards. Marketers can increase sales conversions, lower customer acquisition costs and track ad response from any source. When networked with only a single Missionline, the power of a brand can rise exponentially.
BrandBracketing.com to PromoteBrandUnderstanding.com
BrandBracketing.com to PromoteBrandUnderstanding.com
Missionlines.com, a business model including 4,000+ alternative dot-com domain names. 

for information contact: BrandingKeywords@gmail.com
For example: Chiltonic, a Cryotherepy studio, recently opened its third facility in California. Adding a Missionline to directly open the firm's informational video  promotes brand understanding with an unforgettable dot-com address.


AdWeek projects Mobile ad spending will reach $158 billion by 2018. In 2015 global ad spending exceeded $500 billion.