What is a MissionLine?

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Is redirecting secondary domain names something new? 

How does MIssionlines create business value?

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Is the Missionline collection complete?

Aren't there already similar networks?

​Does the NetworkTheBest.com page contain
every Missionline in the portfolio.

The portfolio emphasize the key words "Collect" and "Best" - Why?

What about domain names that reference Trademarks?

Why is the portfolio limited to .com domain names? 

How will the 1,000+ generic top level domains (gTLDs) that are presently being released impact dot-com Missionlines as they join the hundreds already on the Internet?

Is there value in establishing a hub dedicated to trusted curation of premier goods, services and experiences?

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Just as Missionline is constructed from 'mission' and 'online' a Missionline conveys union - union of brand, promise and mission - and with an economy of wording. Nothing better generates brand-lift. Nothing surpasses recall in effecting successful cross-platform advertising; whether read, seen or heard, marketing supported by dot-com missionlines is easy to remember.

Create trusted multi-channel destinations to provide access to the very finest products experiences and services.

Build web portals, networks and mobile apps to provide access to the very best of everything.

Develop advertising networks dedicated to quality and luxury.

Monetize the portfolio by generating revenue from advertising contracts with brands, publishers, and marketers whose focus is quality, luxury and trust.

By providing diverse media with individual Missionlines the source of each response is clear.

Trusted curation sets Missionlines apart. The buyer of the Missionline.com portfolio will have an unrivaled marketing strategy that combines branding with  domain names in order to reach an upscale demographic. The breadth of the Missionline.com portfolio encompasses a full range of outstanding products, services, and experiences across  more than 3,950 web addresses that can be redirected anywhere.

By branding mobile-compatible and text-ready marketing messages as interactive domain names a Missionline: Inspires brand awareness and recall - Increases sales and loyalty - Provides a multi-channel strategy for social, mobile, video, web, and every brand touchpoint - Moves consumers to action.

​No, it is becoming commonplace. Fans discover the NFL forwards TogetherWeMakeFootball.com to an individual webpage, diners who go to GrilledLove.com arrive at Chick-Fil-A, Gatorade has launched SweatWithTheBest.com and, in 2011, SalesForce.com bought Social.com  paying $2.6 M
for a domain name that redirects to ExactTarget.com.

When fully deployed, the Missionline.com portfolio will create value by bringing together the finest of products, services, and experiences. A domain name that generates brand-lift while enabling direct respones can be used  by advertisers to identify, open, or redirect to, a website, microsite, social media page, video or a blog. By employing subdomains Missionlines can develop additional multi-channel destinations with even further profit potential.

This opportunity is beneficial to stakeholders throughout markets for luxury, quality and services and lifestyles, including:          
    Upscale Marketers 
    Advertising Agencies
    Mobile Advertisers

No, it is a work in progress, and it always will be. New words frequently enter the lexicon; 'Missionlines', itself, is a good example.The present portfolio represents a comprehensive armature curated to define the very best of almost everything legal and acceptable, however related domain names that might be acquired to expand the collection sometimes become available. 

Many websites touch on luxury, quality, or both. However, no existing networks provide integrated marketing hallmarked by a trusted curation of web addresses to unite quality with luxury, services, lifestyles and  the arts  for  brands, publishers, and advertisers.

​No. These are only examples. Hundreds of networks can be created from the portfolio. As few as two or three Missionlines can deliver brands' messages with direct links to home and social media pages. These are extensive networks, and there is some duplication such as BrandingMissionlines.com which is in both in branding and Missionlines.

The Missionline portfolio incorporates CollectFineArt.com which went online in 1999. CollectTheBest.com, a luxury business model begun in 2002, remains unlaunched. Expanded to now primarily address quality, services and lifestyles, Missionlines continues to be expanded. Upscale branding and marketing best serves clients when creative options are defined, thus many of the domain names in the portfolio now include such keywords "Luxury", "Invest", "Brand" and "Mobile".

Buyers should consult their  attorneys regarding 'nominative fair use' doctrine. The sale of  Missionlines will neither warranty nor guarantee usage of any domain name.

Dot-com is so firmly established in the tech vocabulary that it has become synonymous with the web.  No other extension can rival its recall. Missionlines define the very best, and dot-com, long the most iconic and trusted web address, is simply that.

Missionlines can establish dot-com identity for any TLD sub-domain. Well qualified gTLD websites may benefit substantially from the opportunity for Missionline affiliation. The more gTLDs are related to dot-com, the stronger their identity can become; for example, a Collect.diamonds web address can be associated with a CollectDiamonds.com network.

Consumers who seek the best demand the highest quality. They are wary of hype, tacky items, charlatans, knock-offs, fakes, and scams. Trust is an essential quality for the success of any preeminent brand.

The CollectTheBest.com portfolio is lanch-ready for the right buyer or joint venture partner. Transworld Business Advisors is the exclusive representative for this opportunity and will be pleased to field inquiries from interested parties.

The listing of artists celebrates five centuries of fine art. It has long been the policy of the Missionline Project to respect the rights of artists to approve use of their own names, whether or not required by law. Prior to the sale of the Missionline Project, the rightful request by any artist for the transfer to them of any URL that contains their proper name will be respected. As a result, this list could be changed.
Further, he Missionline project is a work in progress, thus from time to time we may acquire additional domain names. Finally, hand transcription and capitalization of thousands of domain names on the pages of this website may include typographical errors and duplication. A complete and accurate listing of list of Missionlines' domain names downloaded from our server in Excel file format is available on request.

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