The Missionline Project is a fully developed business model, launch-ready & text-ready to build preeminent networks, promote trustworthy brands, publish interactive industry newsletters and directories, and to implement direct response for qualified advertisers. Each of its 3,950+ domain names are memorable dot-com marketing messages curated to assure recall, advance brands and support content marketing. As tools to drive to action from any media, Missionlines will lend the ultimate endorsement to premier products, services and lifestyles. 

The Opportunity:

Missionlines Quality, Luxury and Lifestyles almost never involve impulse purchasing, they are discussed, considered and revisited. Missionlines' goal is to open dialogues, not shopping carts. Missionlines take Internet marketing to the next level: to incentivize premier advertisers - to support brands with unforgettable identity - to establish networks grounded by trusted curation. We invite discussions regarding an outright purchase or a participatory joint venture with the right partner. Just click the bar at the bottom of the page to reach Transworld Business Advisors, our exclusive marketing agents. - -
The MISSIONLINE Project is available for acquisition or a joint venture with the 
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Asset Value:

Intangible Value:

Why does the aggregate value of the Missionlines Project exceed its components?

To site a racing car as an analogy, like steel, glass and leather, Missionlines are building materials. Just as in estimating a BMW or a Ferrari tungsten is a consideration, similarly the value of dot-com domain names are only structural elements within the Missionline project. Though, like tungsten, many of the individual elements may have substantial worth, the value of the final product well exceeds the sum of the parts.
Recent domain name sales:

During 2013-2014 high value dot-com addresses containing marketing messages included: $45,000 $162,500 $65,000 $55,000 $75,000 $25,000 $150,000 $500,000 $55,000 $40,000 $28,000 $20,000 $58,000 $20,400 $58,000 $25,000 $725,000 $25,000 $600,000 $80,000 $60,000 $25,000 $30,000 $69,000 $40,000

           Enrich brand recall and define goals to drive sales

           Drive cross-channel marketing messages with economy of wording

           Enable premier networks to offer vetted products, services, lifestyles and experiences 

           Command every media: social - mobile - web - radio - TV - print

           Generate direct response with 3,200+ dot-com addresses

           Ensure advertiser loyalty by branding unsurpassed quality, integrity & service

           Promote industry-specific publications and directories, online or offline

           Facilitate mobile ad tracking through multiple response addresses

           Introduce trusted personal curation to the impersonal realm of hyperspace

​Advertiser benefits:

The Missionline project is designed to provide to premium advertisers participation in one of three hubs, all branded as :, and
Numerous app addresses are owned by the Missionline project. (TrustedCuration) is among more than 100 abbreviations in the project.

Each advertiser will be vetted in order to to allow shoppers the highest level of consumer confidence. They may use their subscribed Missionlines anywhere, from radio, to outdoor, to newspaper advertising.

Additionally, all advertisers can be provided with interactive ad space in the industry-specific periodicals, newsletters and portals detailed at

Individual Dot- Com web addresses :

Missionlines can support branding for any advertisers, small or large, whether: as exemplified by our logo designers at - or by building extensive industry networks such as 

Sedo: .com names are still, by far, the most in demand domain name and our expectation for the foreseeable future is that it will stay in this position. Our current market data puts the average price of a .com name at $4,701 while the next highest selling TLD is .net at $1,429. .com is still the TLD that can be used for everything and has the broadest use case.... (Reported August 25, 2015)

Additionally, by licensing trusted dot-com addresses as  launchpads for non-traditional domain name networks - from .App to .XYZ - Missionlines will command substantially higher revenues.

​2015 sales:

Dot-com domain sales during the first months of 2015 included these web addresses. Like Missionlines, all are related to promoting brand understanding.$37,500 $75,000$45,000$40,000$140,000$150,000$37,000 $241,000$60,000$45,000$55,000$44,800$350,000$70,000$50,000$87,000$164,100$50,000$38,000$65,000$48,000

These 20 domain name sales equal $1,817,400.
Assuming 5% of the portfolio, or 200 Missionlines, reflect this average, the value of these domain names, alone, would exceed $18,000,000. 
Significantly, these illustrate that market demand for brand identity frequently drives domain name pricing. This becomes evident when at $40k last year is compared to at $164k in 2015. 

Individual evaluations rely heavily upon market timing. Though individual domain names in the Missionline portfolio may have substantial value, they are only tools for branding. The optimal value of the Missionline Project lies in its capacity to set apart premier brands, to hallmark them within comprehensive networks, and to maintain a platform for those networks that remains synonymous with trusted curation.
1 Comprehensive Digital Platform (CDP)

3 Hubs: (Quality and Lifestyle) (Luxury) (Services)

35+ Core Categories:

100 + Newsletters and Apps:

250+ Network Addresses:

3,950+ Missionlines:

plus - innumerable potential sub-domains and sub-categories