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Curated to win the next election online

Missionlines are text-ready. They can be redirected to open almost any website, social media page or video. Whether glimpsed on a billboard, shared by text or Tweet, read on a mobile screen or in social media, or heard on radio orTV, candidates' Missionlines are unforgettable.

These domain names will be available for license for the 2018 and 2020 elections. 


To learn more  please contact
Aldis Browne at   (310) 403 0444
a  campaign within a campaign

​ web addresses are as unforgettble as they are enduring. They will lend endorsements, define goals and convey promises as compellingly through radio, TV or word-of-mouth as by heading  Tweets, emails or texts. Whether by spoken word, online or in print,  more than 80 interactive campaign messages will generate visits and allow easy re entry  to consequential venues across the Internet. domain names will deliver voters directly to web pages, social media, blogs and videos. web pages can address specific concerns - solicit contributions - enable direct donations and volunteerism - create parody or attack ads against opposing candidates - define platforms -  and track campaign issues while facilitaing attribution and implementing data analytics.

FOR PARTY can host interactive directories of Federal, State and Municipal candidates to bring President and Party together. For example :

can be clustered with and campaign brands to spearhead a victory in November.