“PLATINUM, Photographs by Douglas Isaac Busch & E.F. Kitchen” May 9 - August 17
Douglas Isaac Busch '110 Freeway, Los Angeles CA"
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but when it comes to photographers it's platinum. The metal is used to produce prints with a unique look, and examples of that style are part of "Platinum: Photographs by Douglas Isaac Busch & E.F. Kitchen," one of three new exhibitions for the summer opening at the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

While some photographers gravitate to digital, others like Busch and Kitchen, both California-based photographers, embrace the process and results of the medium of platinum printing.

"Contemporary photographers have access to a multitude of platforms and methods to make work, yet even as digital photography becomes dominant, photographers continue to gravitate to the platinum process for its analogue appeal," wrote museum curator Rachel Magnus. "This exhibition examines the 'slow' platinum printing process in the face of the immediacy of the digital age."

Platinum-printed photography is valued for its durability and wide tonal range. Magnus said the creation process is "laborious and expensive but the finish quality of each photo is unique and allows for an incredible amount of information."

Both Kitchen and Busch are well-regarded in their exploration of the medium; Busch even built a large-format camera that he took around the world to capture a variety of landscapes including "the chaotic highways of Los Angeles or an overgrown landscape of an antiquated spiritual landmark."

Meanwhile Kitchen, operating primarily out of her Venice studio, focuses on portraits of artists, models and inanimate objects. Her work has a warmer palette, and she personally prints every image, regarding each step of the process and every decision as part of the art form.

The exhibition in the Albin Gallery features 40 photos total with 20 from each artist.

Further information: CollectPhotographs.com

E. F. Kitchen "Magnolia II'