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Many Americans have lost faith in the electoral process  – 
 a campaign strategy, available for licensing through 2020
  NOW is the time for a fresh election strategy.

These are representative of  more than 225 alternative domain names that will provide to an organization or coalition. Some are dot-org, most are dot-com. Some criticize, most affirm. They can be used – and reused – as interactive aliases to open web pages, blogs, social media, videos, and more, at almost any primary web addresses. web addresses will support the goals of any group, initiative, or candidates dedicated to delivering clear, concise and memorable messages to wideranging audiences. These memorable domain names can be deployed singly or in combination. Their impact will multiply exponentially through such paths and subdomains as:   -​ - -

We invite interested organizations, irrespective of their available financial resources, to   review the domain names at and contact us. 

Today, elections are fought in cyberspace. Immediately available for licensing, both 'launch-ready' and 'radio-tested', the campaign strategy will supplant outmoded campaigning by mapping fresh paths to advance party, issue and candidate through 2020.