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Even before a platform for a app or a magazine is established to host advertisers' transaction pages, individual Missionlines and mini-networks are launch-ready to promote premier brands.  

Designed especially to command mobile screens, Missionline networks range from the global to the specific, a platform that will provide alternative English language identity to Chinese language websites. 

These curated branding networks can be large or small, targeted or comprehensive. Missionlines can support a single brand or build far-reaching dot-com frameworks able to host both traditional and not-com domain extensions (see  and for App and Newsletter addresses) in a moble commerce market estimated to grow more than 30% this year. 

​ - Publicity, Print, TV and Mobile Ad Tracking  -   Deliver Brands' Messages as Compelling Domain Names - Art, Artists, Galleries and Auctions - Alternative Investments and Luxury Collecting  - Sip and Study
CommissionTheBest - From Murals to Guitars, Architecture to Landscaping - Professional Services, Legal, Accounting and Associations - The Very Best of Everything - Experty and Carefully Selected - Restaurants and Reservations - Development, Recruiting and Bulletins - The Earth, Good Works and Charities - Beauty, Style, Design and Fashion - Banking, Investments, Markets, Securities, Options and Venture Capital - Games and Gaming - Online and Offline - Dom-Com Networks as Hosts for Non-Traditional Domain Extensions - Intenet, Domain Names, Social Media and Technology - Insurance and Security - Real Estate: Residential and Commercial - Sale and Rental - Marketing, Retargeting and Sales - Taglines on a Mission - a registered Trademark - Next Level Marketing - Luxury and value - as close as your smartphone - Campaigning and Electioneering  - Apps, Acronyms and Abbreviations for Newsletters and Networks - The Very Best of Everything - Automotive, Aeronautic, Equestrian -- Whatever Moves - Retail and Consumer Products - Social, Mobile Sharing, and Ad Tracking - Events and Activities - Additional Missionline to Reinforce Branding -  Shopping with Credit Cards - Entertainment, Music, Theater and Seats - Responsive Ads, Mobile Tracking Ads, Branding Keywords - Planes, Trains, Cruises, Hotels and Resorts Health, Aging, Pharmaceuticals and Prevention - A network of aternative English Language  alias addresses for Asian websites

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“Products are “things” (goods, services, experiences, etc) that are sold; 
platforms are the intermediaries that deliver products. "

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