​ web addresses lend endorsements, define goals and convey promises. They are as unforgettable as captions for text messages as radio ads, bumper stickers, campaign buttons and posters, whether for candidates seeking election or return to office.

Designed to empower attribution and big data analytics, websites can solicit contributions, enable direct donations and volunteerism - create parody or attack ads against opposing candidates - define platforms - and brand and track campaigns. will deliver voters to homepages, social media, blogs and videos. 

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Curated to win the next election on the Internet

Missionlines are text-ready. They can be redirected to open any website, social media page or video. Whether glimpsed on a billboard, received by text or Tweet, read on a mobile screen or 
heard on TV, candidates' Missionlines are unforgettable. domain names are available for license throughout the 2016 elections. We will review all requests to lease individual names in March.

Preemptive offers to license the entire collection will be considered immediately.
To learn more or to place a bid on any individual domain names effective in March, 2016 
please contact Aldis Browne at   (310) 403 0444
a  campaign within a campaign
FOR PARTIES will cluster interactive directories of Federal, State and Municipal candidates that bring President and Party together. To explore working examples visit : and campaign pages can be linked to these pages to help sweep the party to victory in November 


An interactive directory of candidates with their web addresses will follow.
These CampaignBest pages can host further links to individual campaign websites with such sub domains as or by combining candidates' names with non-tradiitional domain extensions including: xxxxx.NY, xxxxx.DEMOCRAT and xxxxx.GOP.