Children of major artists face a high, and often insurmountable, bar. When gifted with great artistic talent they frequently turn to expression in other media. Jean Renoir's pursuit of film catapulted him to legendary heights far from the shadow of his father, the renowned impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir. Paloma Picasso built her iconic career in design rather than painting. Paul Klee's son, Felix, became an actor.

Conversely, Kiki Smith followed in her father, Tony Smith's, footsteps. Andrew Wyeth followed NC Wyeth, and then, in turn, inspired his son, Jamie. And Andy Moses has built a career separate and apart from Ed Moses. Like these artists, Natalie Arnoldi has developed a painterly signature that shares only one common thread with her preeminent father, her work is exceptional.

Natalie Arnoldi, a recent Stanford graduate, majored in Marine Biology and went on to earn her Masters degree in Earth Systems specializing in ocean science and policy. Simultaneously, she exhibited in New York at Nyehaus Galleries when she was only 19 years old. Her career as a painter has catapulted during the four years that have followed, she now has more that 25 exhibition to her credit.

Charles Arnoldi needs no introduction. His paintings are in major collections and museums throughout the world, from the Metropolitan Museum in New York to the Guggenheim in Bilbao. At auction his works regularly command tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes nearing the hundreds. His exhibition credits are innumerable.

The upstairs Gallery at Hal's will exhibit father and daughter side-by-side and invite comparison and contrast of two extraordinary artists. The show will be on view from December 3 until March 8, 2015. 

Charles Arnoldi & Natalie Arnoldi

Charles Arnoldi                                                           Natalie Arnoldi
Natalie Arnoldi                                                     Charles Arnoldi