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In a recent article in Forbes Roger Kay writes: "Consumers appear to be comfortable with existing domains and remain hesitant to visit websites with non-traditional domain extensions. In a recent study conducted by Moz, 62 percent of Americans, 53 percent of Australians, and 67 percent of marketers said they were unlikely to trust a quote from .insurance based on the domain alone. So, it’s possible that consumers aren’t ready to place their full faith in the new domains."

The Internet can provide an exceptional opportunity for collaboration between traditional dot-com web addresses and new 'gTLD' (generic Top Level Domain) extensions. Citing Roger Kay's example of  '.insurance', rather than today's sub-domain and sub-category addresses delineated by dots and slashes (such as or InsureCarsBest/NewYork), web addresses established as '.insurance' extensions can be easy-to-remember. Perhaps branded by names, mottos or locations, non-traditional web addresses redirected from very traditional dot-com host webpages may be the future of internet marketing.

​One of the first major advertisers to recognize this potential is Quiksilver 

"The world's biggest surf wear brand is finally getting into web-surfing - by using gTLDs to shore up its brand online. - Quiksilver is adopting the .surf domain name to differentiate its businesses, including,, and - According to a press release, the URL will also help “redirect their millions of followers on their social media channels.”

                                                                                                                   BrandChannel Jan 14, 2015

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