Olfactory Fine Art
In a world of conformity, you stand apart.  When you enter any space, even before you are seen, how are you perceived? You are unique, one of a kind. Your very mystique is first characterized by scent. Could a commercial aroma ever truly define you, or will you wear an enduring work of art, one crafted only for you?

OLFACTORY FINE ART! Unimaginable? No........
Not to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego which presented Brian in a group exhibition last year and is presently collaborating with him on an institutional portrait project; nor to the Oceanside Museum of Art that sponsored Institutional Wellbeing, an olfactory plan for OMA, in 2009.
Not to the Museum of Modern Art in New York which sponsored HEADSPACE, a one day symposium at the New School in 2010 to address: "the conception, impact, 
and potential application of scent" . 
Not to New York's Museum of Arts and Design which will be launching The Center for Olfactory Art, "dedicated to scent as an art form", and opening the exhibition  
"The Art of Scent, 1889-2011" this November as reported by ARTnews.

Call us at 858-750-2115, email Aldis@ArtConsultant.com to schedule a personal consultation with the artist or RESERVE HERE for a sitting .  

All olfactory portrait commissions will benefit the La Jolla Athenaeum.

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Conceptual artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter is creating an entirely new sensory vocabulary for fine art.  We invite you to be among the first to experience olfactory portraiture by AvantNez.
 "Goeltzenleuchter's art challenges traditional conventions of art criticism and historical reference"  JustLuxe.com
If you plan to travel to La Jolla for your sitting, special arrangements may be made through Daphne Bransten at Valerie Wilson Travel  dbransten@vwti.com    415-674-8422
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