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A brand is only impactful when its mission is clear and its recall is firmly established. Without defining 'all the news that's fit to print' New York Times could have been a railway schedule or a clock shop, Disneyland might have been a movie studio. For more than a century, slogans, catchphrases and taglines served a single purpose - to deliver brands' messages. 

     1910 Masthead: "All The News That's Fit To Print"
     1920 Poster: "Cut Your Costs, Buy A Ford"
     1930 Packaging: "Snap! Crackle! Pop!"
     1940 Radio Ad: "Be Happy, Go Lucky Strike"
     1950 TV Commercial: "Duz Does Everything"
     1960 Motto: "The Happiest Place on Earth"
     1970 Jingle: "Things Go Better with Coke"
     1980 Slogan: "Don't Get Mad - Get Glad"
     1990 Catchphrase: "Got Milk?"
     2000 Tagline: "What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas"

With the advent of the Internet, goal identity assumed a new role - it became an interactive tool to define a mission online as an active dot-com link. Thus the Missionline was bornToday unforgettable web addresses that promote brand understanding include:

      EveryonesPrivateDriver.com - Uber
      SweatWithTheBest.com - Gatorade
      LifeWellPlanned.com - Raymond James Financial Services
      BelongAnywhere.com - AirBnB.com
      TogetherWeMakeFootball.com - the NFL 

- As mobile devices a small as watch faces began to replace desktop screens, economy of wording preempted lengthy banner ads. 

- Dot-com is so firmly established an extension that it has become synonymous with 'Web". 

- Trusted Curation holds the future of Internet marketing.

The Missionline Project unites these.  EnvisionBranding.com!  Missionlines will enable direct and immediate access with more than 3,950 brand defining dot-com web addresses curated to set apart premier advertisers. There is virtually no Internet marketing initiative that can surpass its potential. Missionlines, including the brands, the networks, the trademark and the domain name portfolio, is available for acquisition.