Establish Consumer Confidence                                                             

Enable Easy Recall Marketing                                                                  

Develop Dot-Com Identity                                                                                  

Unite Websites, Publications  and Apps                                                    



Promote Brand Understanding

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O is a business model dedicated to trusted curation. It will establish or complement a premier platform and/or publication that will reward advertisers with participation in its hallmark, its 4,000+ domain names and its integrity. By licensing one or more of these alternative web addresses advertisers can direct unforgettable marketing messages almost anywhere, to websites, social media pages, blogs, videos, etc., while assuring unsurpassed confidence.

Wherever they are seen or heard, every Missionline promotes brand understanding. Websites, Newsletters, Social Media Pages, Apps, Videos, and Blogs defined by multiple dot-com domain names become unforgettable. Whether received by Tweet or text message, heard on radio or TV, or seen on magazine pages, billboards or posters they are easily later recalled.

Alternative domain names may improve search engine recognition. Dot-com is far the most trusted extension. All Missionlines are .com.  Missionline brand bracketing and mini-networks  will attest to outstanding quality, services and lifestyles as they seamlessly cross-channels from smartphones to tablets to computers. 

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