The goals of are to defeat the Trump administration, to reverse its policies, to empower American ideals, and to restore ethical government. - - - and 225 other dot-com and dot-org headlines set the cyberstrategy apart. 

NotWe domain names will open virtually any other web addresses. currently leads directly to an informative Wikipedia entry. By adding a path or a subdomain these destinations multiply, for instance:’sName, or Candidate’; either will identify and support her in any election for any office, from school board to senator. Whether her messages are texted, tweeted, or broadcast, they can direct readers to and from articles, videos, blogs, social media, and even billboards. Like all the domain names in the NotWe portfolio, these can be shared again and again. 

The organization or coalition that licenses the NotWe family of dot-com and dot-org domain names listed at will have fresh tools to send dedicated campaign messages through the 2020 elections. is a work in progress. The accompanying NotWe logo designed by Laurence McGilvery combines elements from the timeless “We the People” of the original 1787 U.S. Constitution. We registered to address the recent revocation of John Brennen’s security clearance. We directed our cyberalias to the August 2018 Forbes article that labeled Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross a "grifter". We linked that to, Aldis Browne’s 2017 essay that documents the twisted path of Donald Trump and his then-banker Wilbur Ross from the Taj Mahal Casino bailout in 1990, through a Russian oligarch, to the sale of the world’s most expensive painting. 

Yes, unfortunately, a vocal minority of Americans embrace recent government policies, but NOT WE! We are seeking the right organization or coalition to implement these new tools to define issues, advance democracy, and inspire voter resistance to the Trump administration’s positions, to its methods, and to his intended legacy.

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available for licensing

domain name headlines designed to be directed - and redirected -  to issues and candidates through 2020