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established 1972
"Collect Best"
Aldis Browne
7752 Fay Avenue (Suite J) 
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Aldis Browne attended Milton Academy, Yale University, and the University of Chicago School of Business. Prior to building the Missionlines Project  he began his career as an art dealer with the Peter Deitsch Gallery in 1964, then spent seven years as the gallery director, marketing director and vice-president of Associated American Artists in New York. He founded Aldis Browne Fine Arts in 1972. He has been a member of the Art Dealers Association of America since 1977. He has mounted museum exhibitions around the world including Edvard Munch, Cubism and American Art. He has been admitted by the Courts as an expert witness in art cases in New York and Hawaii, and has advised the Resolution Trust Corporation as well as assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the District Attorney of New York and the Los Angeles Police Department on authenticity and art fraud. 

Browne's long involvement in public service is reflected in Missionlines. As a member of the arts committee of the San Diego University Club he organized quarterly exhibitions for the club, and his V-SCAPE project in Venice mounts 3 exhibits per year. He chaired the first standing arts committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council in 2008/9. He co-founded and acted as executive Director of the Venice Community Trust from 2005 through 2007 and served on the board of the Venice Chamber of Commerce from 2005 to 2009. He organized the highly successful Artists For Haiti benefit auction for Artists for Peace and Justice in 2010. Before moving from New York to California in 1986 he co-founded the West Hudson Environmental Association in 1974, served as a cultural affairs advisor to the NYC Parks Department and as a board member of National Aid to the Visually Handicapped and the Edward Hopper Foundation.

​Missionlines: "TrustedCuration is the future."

The Missionline      Project was born of,
one of the first online art websites founded  in 1999. Art consultant Aldis Browne launched the site built upon hundreds of art and artists' dot-com web addresses that earned him Forbes BestOfTheBest in 2000. Among these are, and It was only a short step to incorporate art into, a yet unlaunched model to unite luxury, quality and services - and from there to develop the comprehensive Missionlines  project to set apart the to assure trusted curation.