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Aldis Browne
7752 Fay Avenue (Suite J) 
La Jolla CA 92037
(310) 403-0444
established 1999
established 1972 
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    with Aldis Browne Fine Arts and Missionlines.
Uniting Branding with Quality, Luxury and  Art
Missionlines    - "The Future is Trusted Curation."

Missionlines promote brand understanding.
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The Missionline Project was born of, one of the first fine art websites, which was founded in 1999. It continues today as International art dealer, curator and advisor Aldis Browne inaugurated this marketing website on hundreds of art and artists' dot-com web addresses in 1999. The project earned  Forbes' BestOfTheBest in 2000. 

It was only a short step to incorporate art with luxury in, a project modeled on trusted curation - and from there to develop the comprehensive Missionlines project that today unites quality at TrustedBest,com , services and lifestyles  at and preemenet products and experiences at None of these sites have yet been launched. includes 3,950+ unforgettable alternative dot-com domain names to define brands that provide only the best of quality, luxury, services and lifestyles. More than 2,000 end in  '',  hundreds  begin with 'Collect', and many more contain such related keywords as  'luxury', 'fashion' and 'curated'. All can be redirected almost anywhere, to social media pages, blogs, videos and  specific web pages

Long after traditional ads have been discarded, no address is likely ever to be forgotten. Who would not remember, or Whereas brands define identity, Missionlines promote brand understanding; together they empower marketing. 

All missionlines are dot-com addresses, an extension so iconic hat it has become synonymous with  the 'web'. These complementary  addresses can open virtually any webpage -build mini-networks to host other gTLD addresses - and brand the apps, periodicals newsletters at

Together, publicity, advertising and Missionlines can go far beyond the Internet. For example Missionline branding can revolutionize political campaigns.,,  and more than 60 other dot-com address can support candidates  in texts, Tweets, and  social media - both individually and for directories. is available for purchase or a possible joint venture with the right partner.