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Once, a brand needed only one link to a promote website, an easy-to-remember dot-com address. In the era of social media, secondary domain names have come open web and social media pages, blogs and videos. Missionline are curated, nor only to serve as secondary web addresses, but to identify, define, and advance outstanding brands to express premier quality, unsurpassed luxury and the trusted services they dignify. When hosted on a platform dedicated to trusted curation, Missionlines will drive buyers to networks and webpages which reflect  the very best of everything.

Missionlines will enable advertisers to build campaigns with unforgettable addresses that enable direct response and assure brand-lift. As identifiable sources, they will facilitate mobile ad tracking. Missionline apps, detailed at, will open networks and define newsletters. With dot-com messages as clear and compelling from a text message as on radio or billboards, Missionlines will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding advertisers. (See for more about advertising.) 

The Missionline project is launch-ready for the right buyer or joint venture partner

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