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NETWORKING: When united, networks and brands work together to define identity and assure recall. 
For example,, America's Financial Network, could establish the primary domains on the left 
to support the secondary addresses on the right. While directly opening web and social pages, videos, blogs 
and micro-sites, Missionlines give the ultimate endorsement to the brands they support.
IDENTITY MARKETING: After the domain name was sold to an unidentified buyer for $89,888 in March of 2015 , RecRoomCo, a dynamic young firm that curates, produces and films original content projects, invited us to activate these web addresses as  online examples of Missionline branding. 
     The Missionline:
     Their Story:
     A Production:

Together, these three Missionlines convey the firm's complete - and compelling - story. 

When a platform dedicated to  is established RecRoomCo can receive further recognition by advertising in, and, among other vetted networks.

Advertisers can promote Missionlines as  integral elements of brand identity  
online - in print - on radio and TV - for telephone electioneering - anywhere.