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In addition to XI, the characters CAI, JI, LU and FU symbolize luck and good fortune.  In order to permit 
future expansion of the marketing model the portfolio includes the following Missionlines 
Xi is the Chinese calligraphic 'happiness' - the hallmark of unity
XI is the Roman numeral eleven, the symbol of good fortune
X.I. is the abbreviation for eXceptional Integrity 
XI BEST is the acronym for eXceptional Interactive Brands, Experiences, Services and Technology. is a Comprehensive Digital Platform uniting an iconic Calligraphic symbol with Western dot-com web addresses. Whether  to brand for unifies multinational marketing. China is the world’s third-largest advertising market, and it is poised nearly to double from 2015 levels, reaching more than $80 billion by 2018. While U.S. e-retail sales were twice that of China in 2010, by 2013 China had overtaken the U.S. to become the world’s largest e-commerce market. 

Online retail spending in China will exceed $1 trillion by 2019, according to a new forecast from Forrester Research, Inc., up from $307 billion in 2013. ( ( (

search engine,, an internet service provider, gaming, portals, newsletters, a network, and many more,  the will establish dot-com domain name identity for any website on any extension - whether .Asia, .cn or .中国 .

For example the giant Chinese retailer Vancl  could brand its site as                            on a XiBest platform.

alternative dot-com domain names for Chinese web addresses                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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