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How often do we impose reality upon abstraction? Whether from our own imagination when we discover an animal within a passing cloud or the ancients who recognized Orion in a constellation, long have we translated patterns of nature into images of memory. Conversely, Sandy Lajer draws abstraction from the familiar; be it landscape, object, or figure. Her eye celebrates lyricism, whether derived from the utmost iconic form, the most romantic subject, or the very wrath of nature. Though the scale of her work is intimate, its force is immense. Frequently she enhances the impact of her photographs with a touch of ink or a wash of chiaroscuro. Here spirituality inevitably supplants realism, and from these dialogues the ethereal magic of her images emerges.


If any description can characterize Ed Moses it is that his work cannot be relegated to any sweeping classification. Just as his paintings have long challenged the visual constraint of traditional canvas, his art defies such categorization as "gestural", "dimensional" or "chromatic". Though during periods of his long career, these, among many other adjectives, have been appropriate, in fact the only predictability within the overall body of his work has been its very unpredictably -- in everything but his mastery of his medium. Ed Moses, to this day, continues to "push the envelope". Never has he fallen back upon his laurels to become formulaic or predictable. At no time has he ever ceased to explore, to risk, and to grow ...... nor is it likely that he ever will.