Who Most Benefits?

  Who can profit most from the Missionline project? Among them:

  Advertising and Public Relations agencies- to create unique campaigns across all media
  Art Dealers and Galleries - to define expertise and announce exhibitions
  Auction Houses - to highlight sales and outstanding lots
  Communications and Media companies - to establish trusted ad-driven networks for sharing and contact-building 
  Computer and Smartphone manufacturers - to  promote top quality products
  Credit Card issuers - to develop shopping facilities to effectively address affluent consumers
  Event and Entertainment ticket agencies - to promote sports events, concerts and theater performances
  Financial Services - to define specialties, announce investment opportunities, communicate with clients
  Gaming - to drive players to game sites and online wagering and promote casinos and casino shopping arcades
  Healthcare - to facilitate search and develop brand awareness
  Hotel and Hospitality industry - to attract tourism with elite promotions and to brand travel websites
  Insurance industry - to define services with keyword recognition that implement immediate  recall
  International Marketing - to assimilate Asian identity with Western branding
  Internet Service Providers - to build and unite trusted upscale hubs
  Luxury Goods manufacturers and merchants - to market quality and luxury
  Magazine and Book publishers - to promote and define periodicals, blogs and websites to generate sales
  Marketers - to establish cross-channel recall by identifying active web links as memorable offline addresses
  Medical Treatment centers and Hospitals - to compete for heath care dollars by conveying patient services
  Mobile and Text marketing - to deliver big ideas in small spaces
  Online Shopping networks - to establish brand affinity and product identity with trusted credibility
  Outdoor Advertising companies - to convey unforgettable marketing messages in a glance
  Pharmaceutical manufacturers - to define brand purpose, detail benefits, and comply with FDA regulations
  Political Candidates - to brand campaigns
  Real Estate agencies - to facilitate property searches and provide regional subdomains
  Restaurants - to enhance brand name recognition, locate branches and enable reservations
  Retail stores and chains - to sustain brand availability, announce specialty catalogs, and advance promotions 
  Shopping Centers & mall developers - to incentive leasing by providing promotional branding incentives to tenants
  Shopping Networks - to announce promotions, establish product recall, and to call to action
  Social Networks - to connect subscriber to subscriber, subscribers to brands, and brands to buyers
  Stadiums and Theaters - to announce events and provide easily recalled addresses for ticket orders
  Television and Radio - to reward advertisers with unforgettable web addresses that can cross all media channels
  Travel, Airline and Cruise industry -  to promote luxury, lifestyle and value
  Wine, Spirits and Food distributors - to convey quality, rarity and excellence

  For information contact: Aldis Browne 858-750 2115 Suite J 7752 Fay Ave. La Jolla CA 92037

Whether read, glimpsed or heard, Missionlines can command the smallest mobile screen, the largest stadium billboard and the airwaves. They can deliver multiple marketing messages for a single brand. Only the human memory can perfect cross-channel recall. Any advertiser looking to brand, promote, market, lease or make available added-value identity to assure client loyalty will benefit. Missionlines promote quality, luxury, lifestyle and art with responsive identity marketing that cross any media and build a strong foundation to network trusted curation . Each of more than 3,200 Missionlines deliver that unforgettable brand promise which leads directly to successful marketing.
Missionline websites can host virtual limitless subdomains, for example:

Missionlines can identify networks and hubs; products and services: A hub 
can host, and networks.