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Missionlines.com commissions way2logo to design four related logos.
Missionlines.com, a comprehensive branding business model being marketed in 2015, commissioned way2logo in Bangalore, India, to design four logos for their extensive websites.

"Way2logo understood our vision,  they worked with us to illustrate it, and they delivered it" said Missionline founder Aldis Browne. 

"We needed a logo to open web pages with an iconic image. The registered trademark 'Missionlines' combines 'Missions' and 'Online', it paves the path for taglines on missions. Dan Daniel at way2logo designed our logo and typography in two sessions, each of less than two hours.

"Way2Logo stood head and shoulders above any competition. They proposed alternatives so responsive to our needs that the choice of a final design was not easy." Browne wrote. 

Way2logo.com developed the logo for the Missionline network TrustedCuration.com. This image, defining the underlying fundamentals of Missionlines, was designed to serve as a masthead of a prospectus:

To illustrate CollectTheBest.com, a Missionline network assuring the utmost in quality, value and luxury, way2logo created:

The fourth logo way2logo designed is TheWebsBest.com,  a link to define Missionlines' directory of 3,950+ dot-com domain names.

Missionlines.com will keep the following Missionlines active during the coming weeks to thank way2logo


LogoLtr.com is among hundreds of abbreviations and acronyms for Missionline apps and newsletters at  PublishTheBest.com
Why Missionlines.com? Missionlines are as compelling offline as online, for example: