Guy Dill

Visitors to the University Club atop Symphony Towers in San Diego who attended last summer's exhibition of California modernist Hans Burkhart honoring the San Diego Museum of Art were in for a surprise ( Begg Rock, an iconic bronze by noted California sculptor Guy Dill,  now greets our members and guests as a preview of the Artist's forthcoming 2013 exhibition .

Dill's 2013 exhibition at the Club will honor our neighbor the Orange County Museum where the artist has long been represented. Among many other international institutions, Guy Dill's work is in the collection of the San Diego Museum of Art as well. 

Dill writes:" A little background on Begg Rock......90 Miles straight out from the Los Angeles harbor lighthouse there is a rock which is just below the surface of the water.
"When I was serving on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Buoy Tender Heather as a Boatswains Mate we would pull the buoy out of the water with the deck mounted crane and haul up 900 feet of chain that held the buoy in place, clean the buoy light and replace the 500 lbs of batteries that illuminate the light to warn mariners of the submerged rock. 

"In the heaving seas, we would then drop the 2000 lb. concrete anchor, let the chain follow it down and with precise timing replace the 28 foot long buoy into the water. As we set course to our next buoy/unmanned lighthouse on the Channel Islands, looking back at the Begg Rock buoy was an image I still carry."
 Guy Dill: Begg Rock 2007
 Bronze 88" x 58" x 72"