1. Sale or carrying any military type assault weapon, whether operative or convertible thereto, would be outlawed. Otherwise, all sales would require that all firearms be licensed and made available only to registered gun owners.

2. Sale and/or transport of licensed rifles, shotguns or pistols to registered owners for personal use would would be allowed. These individual registration would require background checks subject to bi-annual renewal.

3. The private possession of firearms which are already owned would not be effected, however any unregistered individual carrying any weapon outside of his or her domicile or personal property, or any registered gun owner carrying any unlicensed firearm in any public place would be subject to immediate and mandatory imprisonment. 

4. State governments could enact further individual legislation within the context of these Federal guidelines.

Gun Control and the
Second Amendment

A Moderate Proposal to American Legislators to

Return Sanity

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Government That Leglislates Arms Sanely, Arms Best.

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Personal assault weapons? - 'Forever' background checks? 
Unlicensed weapons in public places?


 A K GUN                                           engraving on bullet-proof material salvaged from an American bank                                              NICK AGID, 2018
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