Before you sell, donate or bequeath a major work of art, check with us, we may help you do better.

Whereas auction may sometimes realize optimal returns, private sale of major works frequently provides greater and more immediate benefit. We have objectively advised collectors, corporations, museums, attorneys and governments how to best approach the deaccession of fine art.  

We have advised owners on estate planning and have assisted donors in making gifts and bequests. 

We are happy to meet personally or online with interested clients.

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What Ultimately Drives the Value of a Work of Art? 

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Aldis Browne Fine Arts, Inc.
Before you buy
a major work of art
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November 16, 2017

"One of the valuations, for example, was prepared for Mr. Bouvier last year after Mr. Rybolovlev learned he had paid $47.5 million more for his Leonardo than the prior purchaser.

"At that point, Sotheby’s, which 20 months before had brokered the sale of the painting for $80 million, provided Mr. Bouvier with an insurance appraisal that valued the painting at about $113 million, closer to the $127.5 million that Mr. Rybolovlev had paid."
"The price is all the more remarkable at a time when the old masters market is contracting, because of limited supply and collectors’ penchant for contemporary art.

"And to critics, the astronomical sale attests to something else — the degree to which salesmanship has come to drive and dominate the conversation about art and its value. Some art experts pointed to the painting’s damaged condition and its questionable authenticity."
Sotheby’s Tries to Block Suit Over a Leonardo Sold and Resold at a Big Markup
Leonardo da Vinci Painting Sells for $450.3 Million, Shattering Auction Highs
November 16, 2016

 Before you sell
a major work of art